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privacy policy

Handling of personal information

The privacy policy described below is regarding when and how personally identifiable information (hereinafter also referred to as personal information or privacy information) is obtained when using this website. It stipulates the handling policy of personal information in detail, such as how it is used for such purposes and how it is managed and protected. If you use this website, please be sure to read this page carefully before using it.

<Purpose of privacy policy>

The purpose of establishing the privacy policy is that those involved in the operation of this website acquire and use personal information within a predetermined range and method regarding the handling of personal information acquired in the performance of their business, and it is strict. By clearly showing to users that they are being treated properly under management, we will make privacy protection more reliable. In addition, by disclosing the policy regarding the handling of such personal information, the user will be able to create an environment in which the user can make an appropriate decision as to whether or not to provide the personal information.
If the posted privacy policy is not accepted, you can stop using this website at any time, or if you have any questions about this privacy policy, you can contact the contact listed below for confirmation. is.

<Privacy policy on this website>

1. On this website, users may be required to provide personal information when using the following services.

·Inquiry form

・ Entry form

2. The personal information acquired includes the following.

・ Name, email address, phone number
・ Other contents to be described in the form.

3. The acquired personal information will be used for the following purposes.

Reply to the content of your inquiry.

4. Provision of acquired personal information to a third party

Personal information acquired on this website will not be used by any third party except with the consent of the individual or as required by law.

5. Security

Personal information obtained through the operation of the website must be protected and managed safely, and the utmost care must be taken regarding security. This website uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) that encrypts data between the user's browser and the server to send and receive data.

6. Privacy policy update

The criteria for achieving privacy policies vary depending on technological progress and the degree of security risk. In addition, the content and scope of personal information handled will change as the content of business changes. The privacy policy is not fixed and needs to be constantly evaluated and reviewed according to the surrounding situation. When the privacy policy is revised, we will notify the user in an easy-to-understand manner by posting it on the website or providing individual guidance.

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