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Sheet metal processing business


Art beam as the best partner

We may be able to help you with confidence in new product development.

Most of the prototype-related work (generally, a series of steps from material selection to mass production examination) after the trial design designed by the customer can be entrusted to Art Beam. We will speedily deliver high-value-added prototypes that make full use of the know-how unique to Art Beam. Customers can concentrate on design and design, and strengthen their competitiveness by improving human and time efficiency.

1. 1.basic design

2. Material selection

3. 3. Parts design

4. Trial production

5. evaluation

6. Mass production consideration

7. Retake


Ultra precision machining technology







latest technology

I am convinced that the processing technology developed there in the 21st century is a world of new technology that fuses technologies such as machinery (machining), electronics (electronics), and chemistry (chemicals).
We not only pursue improvement of production technology, but also based on the latest equipment and accumulated processing know-how, based on the production of ultra-precision parts, we provide technical information such as component strength analysis, VE / VA function analysis, and proposals for productivity improvement ideas. We provide feedback and always respond to the high demands of users. Please look forward to the creative group Art Beam.


■ Ultra-precision sheet metal processing

Speedy and perfect support system from program to attachment of all product data

■ Assembly / 3D measurement

Assemble precision machined sheet metal parts and deliver with 3D inspection and measurement data

■ Ultra-precision discharge processing

Micron and micro custom parts machining with ultra-precision electric discharge machine


Ultra precision sheet metal processing

Speedy response by receiving data orders from communication lines

Perfect support system with all product data attached from the program

We provide high precision and high quality that meet the needs of new product development.
No mold required. From orders for electronic drawing data such as DXF, IGES, PRO_E data to delivery with 3D inspection and measurement data. With state-of-the-art equipment and outstanding technical staff, we provide high precision and high quality that meet the new product development needs of users.

​1. 1. NC data acceptance

2. Material selection / construction method examination

3. 3. program

4. processing

5. test

6. All product data​ attached

From data storage to delivery with 3D inspection and measurement data, ArtBeam is consistently in-house, so you can rest assured and speed up. With state-of-the-art equipment and outstanding technical staff, we will continue to provide high precision and high quality that meet the new product development needs of users.

Example of machined parts

● Working model, vacuum casting master, simple mold / molding ● Precision sheet metal ● Composite parts

Processing machine / equipment

Precision sheet metal prototype


Assembly / 3D measurement

Precision-machined sheet metal parts can be assembled at the request of the customer.

When delivering the product, the standard is to guarantee the accuracy of data attachment by 3D measurement.


Ultra precision discharge processing

1/1000 mm, micron order parts machining with ultra-precision electric discharge machine

Advances in the development of ultra-fine electric discharge machines have made it possible to develop ultra-fine parts machining, which is especially required for micromachines. The field of parts manufacturing is now shifting to a world where it is possible for the first time with a system that integrates electronic, chemical, and mechanical engineering technologies in addition to conventional technologies.

Achieves a minimum hole diameter of 5 microns

Ultra-fine machining with a minimum hole diameter of 5 µm and a surface roughness of Rmax of 0.1 µm has been achieved under the best machining conditions by developing a highly accurate tool electrode mechanism and minute energy discharge.

Ultra-precision hole drilling
Material: Stainless steel (SUS304)
Dimensions: Hole diameter 5µm
Hole pitch 15 µm
Plate thickness: 10 µm

Fine hole
Material: Stainless steel (SUS304)
Dimensions: Hole diameter 30 µm
Plate thickness: 50 µm

Micro slit
Material: Stainless steel (SUS304)
Dimensions: width 5µm
Length 150 µm
Plate thickness: 20 µm

Micro gear mold
Material: Stainless steel (SUS304)
Dimensions: Pitch circle diameter 300µm
Plate thickness: 100 µm

 Can be processed with silicon or platinum

It can also be processed into high resistivity materials such as silicon.

Silicon element

(Parallel spring)

Material: Silicon Plate thickness: 310 µm

Taper pin

Material: Platinum Plate thickness: 20µm

Also supports 3D shape processing

High aspect ratio machining up to 5 times is possible for hole machining. In addition, it has a positioning resolution of 0.1 µm and can perform complicated three-dimensional processing by computer control.

Creation processing

Vertical processing

Fine hole processing

​Next-generation processing technology


AB Coating

AB coating (discharge surface treatment) is a new surface treatment technology that forms a surface of a ceramic or conductive ceramic on the surface of the material to be treated by repeating minute pulse discharges. TA (titanium alloy) and SA (silicon alloy) can be coated with high durability, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance. Process to such high inner cylindrical surface adhesion to form a surface modified layer which is melted and the substrate unlike the conventional coating be possible.

Electric discharge surface treatment is a new surface treatment technology that forms a metal or conductive ceramic film on the surface of the material to be treated by repeating minute pulse discharges. Using an electrode composed of powder material (TA electrode or SA electrode), processing is performed in electric discharge machining oil that is generally used in electric discharge machining.

A pulsed discharge of minute energy is generated between this electrode material and the material to be treated, and the energy causes the melted electrode material to move to the melted part on the material to be treated, forming a film. ..

Although the temperature is locally high enough to melt the material, the processing proceeds at room temperature as a whole. Therefore, the material to be treated can be treated without being deformed or cracked by heat.

SA film

TA film


 Comparison with other surface modification technologies

​General metal film forming technology

Coating technology by electric discharge

Thermal spraying / plating / PVD / CVD


​Overlay welding

 Types and applications of discharge surface treatment film

Hard ceramic

[Membrane type] TA


Molds, jigs and tools, cutlery, etc.

Turret punch punch

Collet chuck

[Functions / Effects]

Abrasion resistance , improved gripping force, replacement of carbide brazed products, reduction of line stoppage due to frequent replacement

Surface modification

[Membrane type] SA


Corrosion resistant parts, erosion resistant parts

[Functions / Effects]

Corrosion resistance, erosion resistance

AB coating treatment diagram and hardness

Titanium (TA) treatment

Silicon (SA) treatment

Application example: TA film treatment on punching blade mold

TA film treatment section


The TA film treatment section maintained a new shape with 500,000 shots and no maintenance , while maintaining good sharpness. Resin debris generated after punching is hard to adhere and the number of cleanings can be reduced.

Unprocessed part


The blade was re-polished after using 180,000 shots and 360,000 shots in the AB coating untreated part, and after about 500,000 shots, re-polishing became impossible and the blade was replaced.

​Equipment list


Entrusting state-of-the-art equipment to craftsmanship

We can handle mechanical parts (metals, molds, etc.) that require high precision, high quality, and quick delivery. We deal directly with many major manufacturers and have received the No. 1 rating from almost all manufacturers.

We provide the highest quality with our state-of-the-art equipment and craftsmanship.

■ Non-chromium chemical conversion coating technology

It is a non-chromium treatment technology that is friendly to the earth and the environment because it can form an excellent corrosion-resistant film on zinc and zinc alloys.

■ Alternative processing technology for gold plating (under development)

Gold is attached by a coating method that uses a completely different approach from conventional gold plating technology.


■ Ultra-dispersed nanodiamond (UDD)

Promising Carbon Nanomaterials: Ultra-Dispersed Diamonds (UDDs) are in the limelight in the fields of chemicals and biotechnology.

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