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Recruitment type


Our company​ You will be required to work on metal processing using the laser processing machine or bend machine you are using. You may not get used to it at first, but please be assured that your senior will teach you carefully! As a craftsman, you can acquire various metalworking skills! Please feel free to apply for those who like to work hard, those who want to acquire skills that are their strengths, and those who are inexperienced!

CADCAM operator

We use CADCAM software to manufacture products in-house and design and deploy products. It is an important role that serves as a starting point for actually creating a product. It may seem difficult at first, but please be assured that we will support you well. Would you like to enjoy the joy of making things together?

Office work

Please manage the progress in the company, issue slips, and perform other miscellaneous tasks. Occasionally, you will be asked to deploy using CADCAM software. The clerk is in a very important position to run the company! Would you like to work with Art Beam as an unsung hero?


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